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Post Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) Declaration on Storm Water Drainage System

This e-service facilitates the applicant on the submission of the annual declaration.

You will receive an acknowledgment if the declaration is successful. Please take note of the Submission No. generated by the system and quote this number for all future correspondences related to this application.


Upon obtaining the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), the Developer/Owner/Managing Agent/MCST/Town Council shall make annual declarations and submissions for the following stormwater drainage systems:

  • 1. Automated flood protection devices.
  • 2. Pumped detention tanks.


All relevant information shall be submitted with the application including the following:

  • 1. Reminder Number (if available)
  • 2. Project Reference Number (if available)
  • 3. Name and address of the development
  • 4. Developer/ Owner/ MCST/ Town Council’s company, name, telephone number and email addresses (2 contact person)
  • 5. MA’s names, telephone numbers and email addresses (2 contact person)
  • 6. For developments installed with automated flood protection devices, a certificate of inspection of the automated flood protection device endorsed by a PE (Civil or Mechanical) together with supporting documents such as on-site leak test report and photographs shall be submitted. The inspection shall make reference to any relevant international standards or any requirements specified by the Board.
  • 7. For developments constructed with pumped detention tanks for detention function as stipulated in COP on Surface Water Drainage clause 7.1.5, the following documents shall be submitted
    • a) Valid Annual electrical installation licence issued by EMA;
    • b) Quarterly maintenance records of pumps;
    • c) Quarterly maintenance records of level control system; and
    • d) Quarterly cleaning and desilting records of tank and pump sump

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