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Qualified Persons Portal

Notification for Works Carried out by Licensed Plumber

This e-service facilitates the Licensed Plumber to notify PUB on carrying out and on the completion of sanitary work and/or water service installation (WSI) work. Notification shall be submitted at least 7 working days from the work commencement date and 7 working days after the works completion date. PUB may carry out audit inspection on the completed works.

The following scope of work require notification to PUB by a Licensed Plumber:

  • All water service installation work, except for works which are carried out downstream after the meter position, and does not require any pumping equipment or water storage tank
  • Sanitary works (either temporary or permanent) that affect any common sanitary pipe/inspection chamber or public sewerage system
  • Installation or replacement of grease trap
  • Connection of temporary toilet/sanitary facilities/wash area to public sewers or on-site sewerage system such as at construction sites, trade fairs, etc.

Trade Fair 

The proposed temporary sanitary facilities shall be carried out in compliance with the General Requirements for temporary sanitary facilities for Trade Fairs. Failure to obtain PUB’s approval on the design of temporary sanitary facilities prior to commencement of the Trade Fair operations, or the construction/installation of temporary sanitary facilities not in accordance with the approved design at the trade fair site is a violation of Section 11 of the Sewerage and Drainage Act (SDA). In addition, failure to comply with any condition stated in PUB’s approval letter is an offence under Section 63(b) of the SDA. Offenders are liable for enforcement actions.

Form B

The application shall submit Form B (Application to Work in Public Sewer) for works involving a new connection to the existing sewer.

An acknowledgement receipt will be sent to the applicant’s email once the submission has been successfully received. The applicant will receive PUB’s reply on the submission within 7 working days. Please take note of the Submission No. generated by the system and quote this number for all future correspondences related to this application.


All relevant information shall be submitted:

Sanitary Work

1.Site plan, indicating project location

2.Layout of temporary toilet/sanitary facilities/sanitary work

3.SIP, indicating project site and connecting manhole (if applicable)

(for proposed point of connection made to public sewer or holding tank)

4.Calculation of holding tank capacity, sectional plan and letter of award for licensed waste collector (for proposed temporary holding tank)

5.NEAs Clearance Certificate for the detailed plans on Environmental Health (for proposed temporary holding tank)

6.Detailed design / brand / model and calculation for the proposed grease trap

7. Other relevant details(if any)

WSI Work

1.Site plan, indicating project location

2.Water schematic design

3.Breakdown of water requirement (if applicable)

4.Other relevant details

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