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Notification of Completion of Minor Sanitary Works/Shops

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To :
Water Reclamation
(Network) Department
Public Utilities Board
#14-00 Environment Building
40 Scotts Road
Singapore 228231


Please be reminded that starting from 1 April 2018, only Licensed Plumber (LP) is allowed to submit the application to PUB and carry out the sanitary works.

This e-service facilitates the Owner/Contractor/Plumber on the submission to PUB for:

  • 1. the notification of completion of minor sanitary works under Form E, Form F or Form I submission;
  • 2. sealing off temporary sewer connection to sewerage system;
  • 3. demolition of temporary holding tanks at construction site.

On completion of temporary toilet facilities at construction sites (Form E) or proposed sanitary works at existing premises / shops (Form F), please submit the Form G ( Application for Adjusting Sanitary Appliance Fee) together with the following documents:

  • 1. Notification of Completion of Minor Sanitary Works (Form H)
  • 2. Toilet layout plan, site & location plans

When the building project is completed and the contractor vacates the construction site, the Owner/Contractor/Plumber shall notify PUB, Water Reclamation (Network) Department (WRN) the sealing off temporary sewer connection to sewerage system or demolition of temporary holding tank.

You will be prompted by a system message if your application has been successfully received. Please take note of the Submission No. generated by the system and quote this number for all future correspondences related to this application.

A response/approval will be sent to the applicant’s email or fax number as provided by the applicant in the form within 7 working days.


All relevant documents and details to be submitted with the application includes the following:

  • 1. Project Site Location Plan
  • 2. As-built Sanitary / Toilets Layout Plan
  • 3. Photographs showing the process of the following works:
    • a. the removal of the uPVC in-drop pipe;
    • b. sealing of the opening at the existing manhole;
    • c. demolition of holding tank and on completion of demolition.

Estimation of Time Required

This form may take you about 15 minutes to fill in.

Required Attachment

  • 1. Certificate of Registration of a Factory for the above project (where applicable).
  • 2. Sewerage Information Plan (SIP) showing the highlighted proposed point ofsewer connection and approved plan, and/or sections of sewers to be inspected.
  • 3. Activity – Based Risk Assessment Form.
  • 4. Certificate of Confined Space Safety Assessors Course / Manhole Safety Assessor Course of the competent person deployed at work site.
  • 5. Method statement of the works.


For enquiries pertaining to your Form H submission, please contact our officers at 67313254 or 67313306.

For other enquiries, please contact PUB Building Plan Unit at67313512 or email at PUB_BPU@pub.gov.sg.

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